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A Jenkins Automated Build & Test Environment for iOS App Development Part 5


Here is some more progress and learnings:

  • ShowPlan has three third party libraries that require special handling. They are not saved in the main repository and must be integrated individually.
  • Some additional scripting is required to reconstruct the project to a state where the build environment resembles the development environmnent.
At the moment, the job of building the Appirater third party is failing with:
stderr: fatal: ambiguous argument 'AP/^{commit}':
unknown revision or path not in the working tree.
Use '--' to separate paths from revisions

The work up to now has been focused on geting the Jenkins git-plugin and xcode-plugin configured and working. Although the end result of full zero touch, automated build and test has not been achieved (due to third party library handling and deployment via Jenkins), these are good success points along the way, and I can pick up on this progress later.

I want to shift focus away from the ShowPlan project to accomplish the end to end task, i.e.:

  • Developer compiles and performs automatic unit test.
  • Upon passing, unit test triggers commit and push to github for code review and integration
  • (For this proof of concept, code review is skipped)
  • Jenkins picks up new changes and runs functional tests.

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