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A Jenkins Automated Build & Test Environment for iOS App Development Part 3


Here’s today’s update on results and learnings:


  • Installed Jenkins git-plugin and xcode-plugin
  • Build Now accesses remote git repository.
  • Xcode Compile fails due to Code Signing Error during Xcode

OK, so far, OK. Progress feels slow while I am learning more about the Jenkins tools, interface and “way” of life.


  • A special github user is not specifically required for Jenkins access
  • Jenkins access does require a SSH Key setup on github but that could be a re-used quantity of main user from different machine.
  • Using ~/.ssh/config is a great way to organize what build goes with what key
  • Jenkins does not support use of passphrase in the SSH authentication challenge. ssh-agent not accessible by jenkins user so this is fail. ssh-keygen becomes almost anonymous.
  • Can setup host alias to point to github hard IP but not required.
  • Projects do not specically require Deploy Keys per project at GitHub. Admin can determine if specific keys or account wide keys are need per revision build
  • Build machine requires Xcode licensing details to be specified on initial launch.
  • Repositories are transferred to $JENKINS_HOME/workspace/<Build Name>
  • Set the SCM > Branch appropriately to the build phase. For now, */master suffices for a Build Now testing and troubleshooting runs.
  • Build > Xcode > Target specifies the target within the Xcode project itself. Default is blank which suffices for now.

So at the moment, I need to solve the Xcode Code Sign Error issues. Initially, the original project had a Code Sign Error due to Provisioning Profile expiration. After renewing, and exporting the renewed certificate to the build machine, everything is green. But I suspect that Jenkins is not configured the access the keychain which was setup by the admin user. Hence the current message:


Code Sign error: The identity 'iPhone Developer' doesn't match any valid,
non-expired certificate/private key pair in your keychains 

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