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A Jenkins Automated Build & Test Environment for iOS App Development Part 2


Here is progress and findings so far based on yesterdays work.


  • Purchased, picked up and installed Mac Mini
  • Installed Jenkins, configured email properties, played with creating a new job
  • Researched what others have done, re: google searches:
    • jenkins github xcode
    • continuous integration of ios apps
  • Evaluated available github and xcode plugins

So far, so good.

There are a few interesting tutorials that I will tackle today and some seemingly ready made solutions. So this project is not a reinvention or pioneering, but it will prove valuable to get my development environment automated and stable. I will document individual findings of the process as I go.

Here are some basic findings so far:

  • I downloaded Jenkins directly from the website (instead of with homebrew from command line, a popular method)
  • Mac OS X 10.8.1 is preinstalled on the Mac. Java 1.6 was not. The installation from the .dmg package starts Jenkins as a service on port 8080 automatically.
  • Setting up email on Jenkins is a snap using with SSL on port 465.

Time so far: 5 hours.

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