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September 2012
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Today is a great day!


As I ready the ShowPlan app (and its entire ecosystem) for the hotly anticipated AppStore launch, it occured to me that I have a serious case of multitasking. Mind you, I am getting things done, working 20 hour days, writing code, doing music, writing code, working on websites, testing code…

This is a long one and I realize any one of these topics is up for an individual blog post.

OK, here is the list:

  1. Code development
    • Focused on submitting app to the AppStore
    • Dropbox checkpoint (need TestFlight for adhoc distribution, need to do this before Beta)
    • Bug Fixes – there are still a few
    • Final features:

      • Gesture support in Project Depot
      • Handling project copy on export
      • Project naming convention (to simplify user experience)
      • Tutorial Project
      • Vimeo integration
      • Flickr integration
      • Google Drive integration
        • ShowPlan site For Tutorial Project Restoration
        • Cross-integration with Trello for documents
    • Getting ready for beta test
      • TestFlight integration
      • Configure for adhoc distribution to Dropbox
  2. Graphics Design
    1. ArtText 2
    3. Pixelmator
  3. Website development
    • Establish “beachhead” hosting account a
      • Learning about cPanel, mysql, phb, redirects
      • AppifyWP LaunchPad for prelaunch
      • AppifyWP 2.5 to drive potential customers to AppStore
      • Appify affiliate link
    • (better would be but godaddy restricts subdomains to local DNS)
      • Setting up forum with phpBB3
      • adding mod (first one is Akismet for phpBB)
      • automated moderation, manual triggers for Akismet caught ham (vs. spam)
    • >>
      • Using this as a living, online Help Guide, separate from interactive forum
    • (here!)
    • WordPress and phpBB plug-ins, security, user registration confirmation, etc.
  4. Marketing and Outreach
    • Establish ShowPlan presence
      • @ShowPlanApp on twitter
      • facebook/ShowPlan
      • ShowPlan Google+ Page
      • Vimeo
  5. Blogging (now)
  6. Preparing a ShowPlan case study with Alexa
  7. Travel and equipment arrangements for jazz gig in Seattle
  8. Preparations for Session at Silicon Valley Code Camp
    • ios-trello
    • it’s all about the right mix of story and technical content
    • developers, developers, developers love code
    • code is poetry!
  9. Sprucing up the resume
    • It is now one page looooooooong!
    • Reading Cracking the Coding Interview (Gotta have a Plan A and a Plan 1)
  10. New Productivity Apps / Sites
      • A powerful way to track interest (97 clicks across 20 countries after Trello retweeted ios-trello talk)
    • Skitch
    • Evernote
    • GDrive
  11. Fun Stuff
    • Soundcloud and Vimeo for new blueStarStudios indie label, haha!
      • posting some compositions, following the occasional
    • Netflix, YouTube, CNet Apple Byte on TiVO
    • facebook
  12. Keeping track of most of this with Trello
  13. USPTO
  14. Thinking about affiliate marketing programs as a future source of “passive” income
  15. Next purchase is an AppleTV to watch vimeo in HD.
  16. Thinking about analytics for websites and apps
  17. ProTools, mixing, getting ready for the bata/dancing app (video and audio is captured)

As you might have guessed, I am learning alot in a compressed space of time. Life is good!

Today is a great day.