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I am a freelance software development engineer with experience as an iOS/Mac developer with Apple, VEVO, Y Media Labs, and Fleksy. In addition, I served as a software engineer/networking consultant with Juniper Networks, Cyan Optics, Calix, and Minerva, and a technology consultant to DirectTV, Divicom/Harmonic, Network Solutions, Pacific Bell and AT&T Bell Labs. I started waveOcean Software to develop independent applications and help clients with new apps and features. I recently published an exercise training application called CyCresTT, available for free on the Apple App Store.

At Apple, I developed Swift and Objective-C software on the Mac to drive and certify 3rd-party hardware within the iOS/HomeKit ecosystem. At VEVO, my focus was on extending the video platform to provide LIVE streaming, chat and Q&A services between artists and fans. During my tenure at YML, I helped to develop applications for several financial services clients. And at Fleksy, I was part of the founding team to develop the the Fleksy swipe keyboard, and packaged it in an iOS SDK for 3rd party developers.

Prior to my iOS development journey, I focused on writing networking software and providing consulting services to several teams. At Juniper, I served as Senior Staff Software Engineer contributing to improving the performance and scalability of the QFabric Data Center Switch and writing C algorithms to analyze proprietary BGP and ISIS protocol issues.

I developed Python scripts to instrument Cyan’s Z-Series Packet Optical Network products to monitor performance and defects. While consulting at Calix, I was the sole architect and developer of vScript, a proprietary Perl-based engine for provisioning C7 DSLAM network services and empowering engineers to automate network configurations and reduce troubleshooting time.

At Divicom (now Harmonic) and Minerva, amongst my various consulting duties, I designed and implemented redundancy switching algorithms as a systems integration engineer of video networks in the US, Europe, South America and Asia.

My technical interests and passions are iOS and Mobile Application development, endurance road cycling, and mindfulness meditation. Along with playing and composing music, I enjoy investigating creative & collaborative technologies. If you are a UI/UX designer, developer, development team, musical artist or endurance athlete with similar interest, I look forward to collaborating.

You can visit my profile at linkedin or github.